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Soulline Merch

T-Shirt "Leviathan" by Seth Siro

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Explore the sonic depths of Soulline with our "Leviathan" T-shirt, a visual ode to their epic track from the 2018 album "The Deep," created with stunning artwork by Seth Siro. This exclusive T-shirt captures the dark and powerful essence of "Leviathan," offering a unique way to connect with Soulline's music and art.

Extraordinary Features:

1. Evocative Design by Seth Siro: The "Leviathan" T-shirt artwork was created by acclaimed artist Seth Siro, known for his emotional and visionary creations. His artistic touch adds extra depth and dimension to the T-shirt, bringing to life the feeling of power and mystery of the song "Leviathan."

2. Superior Quality: Made from high-quality fabrics, the T-shirt offers unparalleled comfort and a perfect fit. The soft and smooth feel on the skin makes it ideal for both rock nights and daily relaxation.

3. Musical Connection: Wearing Seth Siro's "Leviathan" T-shirt, you carry with you a tangible piece of Soulline's musical universe and Seth Siro's extraordinary artistry. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a new listener, this T-shirt allows you to express your affinity for the band and the art in a unique way.

4. Limited Edition: As part of the tribute collection to "The Deep," the "Leviathan" T-shirt is available in limited quantities. This makes it not only an item of clothing, but also a collector's item that true Soulline fans and art enthusiasts will love to own.

5. Personal Expression: Show your love for Soulline music and art by integrating the "Leviathan" T-shirt into your wardrobe. It is an opportunity to share your unique style, musical passion, and admiration for Seth Siro's extraordinary art with the world. "Abomination drags you down".

Celebrate the epicness of "Leviathan" and the album "The Deep" with Seth Siro's art on the dedicated Soulline T-shirt. Add it to your cart now and immerse yourself in the art and music of this amazing band.